Goosebumps Horrorland: Little Shop of Hamsters

Hi Guys! Today I’m gonna make a review about Goosebumps Horrorland: Little Shop of Hamsters. Goosebumps Horrorland is kind of the New Goosebumps. Little Shop of Hamsters is written by R.L. Stine. Okay, since the title is too long. I’ll call the book by its book number. Okay, book#14 is about a boy named Sam. Sam desperately wants a pet. His Parents does not think that he is responsible enough to have a pet. His Parents won’t even barely let him keep the Insta-Gro pet from the Horrorland Gift Shop. So, that’s why he worked an after-school job to prove to his parents that he is to be trusted. He started working on a Pet Shop, that sells nothing but hamsters. But soon Sam discovered that very cute hamsters can be turned into Very Uncute Monsters, that starts to attack him. Now, Sam wasn’t fighting for a pet, he’s fighting for his life! Did the Insta-Gro pet and Candy from the Horrorland Gift Shop, had anything to do with this?

So? What do you think? Is it good or what? Sometimes the cutest things are the most dangerous ones. Now, we learned our lesson. Book #14 is wonderful from the first page to the last, not to mention funny. Okay! Bye Guys! Hope you enjoyed my Review. Love ya!!! XOXO.β€πŸ’‹



  1. Goosebumps is the first EVER story that I started to read! I’ve completed the original series and the horrorland series, too. A great review but would be better with a spoiler alert for those readers who still are yet to read it.πŸ‘Œ

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