Can you keep a Secret?

Hi Everyone! Today I’m gonna make a review about Can you keep a Secret. It is a part of Fear Street Novel. Of course, It is written by R.L. Stine. It was published by Thomas Dunne Books and on the date of April 2016. It’s about the Highschool Sweethearts, Eddie and Emmy. But on the wrong side of the tracks. So, to escape their dreary lives, they went to have an overnight camping on Fear Street Woods with a bunch of friends. Eddie and Emmy carved their names on a tree. Only to discover that the tree was hollow, and what they discovered surprised them. It is a discovery that will lead them to the end of their friendships. Meanwhile, Emmy was plagued with strange and terrifying Dreams about wolves. Are her dreams connected to the wolf attacks happening in Shadyside? Emmy, it seems, is about to make a horrifying discovery about herself.

Did you like it? The thing that I liked about the book is the plot of the story, and the thing that I did not like about Emmy is her being so unattentive to her Sister, Sophie. This book has a wonderful story, that everyone shoud read. Calling my fellow Bibliophiles! Grab a copy now! Bye Guys! Hope you enjoyed my review. Love ya! XOXO.❤💋



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