Don’t Stay Up Late

Hi Guys! I’m back after a few months to rest my mind and think of something that I can make a review about. But I hope you enjoy this review. Okay! Today I’m gonna make a review about Don’t Stay Up Late. It’s written by R.L Stine. It was published by Thomas Dunne Books and the date of April 2015. Don’t Stay Up Late is a part of Fear Street Novel. It’s about a girl named, Lisa. Lisa is plagued with hallucinations and nightmares. After her Car Accident, which killed her Father. Two weeks, what I remembered, of spending her time in the hospital. Lisa decided to look for a job to help her mom with financial problems.She also has a Therapist. She found a job in Fear Street, which is babysitting.

When she started working in Fear Street, her boss, Brenda gave her strict instructions to never let Harry stay up late. Btw, Harry is the kid. When she asked why Harry’s Mom won’t answer. Harry is a handsome and charming little boy, he and Lisa got along very well. Harry doesn’t go to school instead his Aunt Alice is homeschooling Harry. The day that she started working she picked up Harry from his Aunt’s house she heard a weird sound coming from the basement, Alice told her that it was just the cat. But, she thinks it sounds more like a suffering creature. Until one day when she tucked Harry right in his bed, Harry asked her if they could watch cartoons and asked her if the could stay up late, but didn’t let him. So while she was downstairs waiting for Brenda she heared Harry scream and when she turned on the light in the room Harry was gone.

Harry was gone, she checked out the window and she thought that it was too high for someone to climb. And when she went down she saw a Horrifying creature it stared at her. It started fighting her and it ran away. And she heard a tug in the closet when she opened it she saw Harry he was scared, he said that he ran to the closet because he saw a shadow of a creature and got scared .

Let’s skip to the important part. Lisa’s friend died when he came to Fear Street, he died in front of Brenda’s House. He was ripped out by a creature. When the investigation started they couldn’t find anything. So, before the murder happened  Saralynn, her friend, and Nate, her boyfriend went to Brenda’s house to see if Lisa is okay because of what she saw. And then they heard something and when they went out the saw Isaac dead, ripped out on pieces.

Okay, let’s skip some parts of the story. One day, she went to pick up Harry at his Aunt’s. When Alice was still getting Harry ready, Lisa went to check the basement what she was creatures who looked terrifying. The Creatures was crying and looked scared at same time. So Lisa got out of the basement and pick Harry’s and said goodbye to Alice and went home to Brenda’s House. 

She reported what she saw in the basement and when the cops came she told them what she and when they checked the basement it already empty. That night, Harry was begging to stay up late so Lisa let him stay up late. Later, Harry was jumping because of happiness. Harry asked Lisa if she wants to see him do a trick, she said sure. And then Harry started changing. He changed into the monster that Lisa saw. It shooked her, she couldn’t think that a charming little boy could be such a monster. 

She ignored what she saw and when she asked Brenda if she could get resigned because she was afraid of what she saw. Brenda said no, because she already saw what Harry really was. And the Brenda tried to kill Lisa, but Nate stopped her. One thing about Nate he was related to Brenda, both him and Saralynn. 

After that happened, Lisa went to her therapist. She told Dr. Shein that it was her who wanted Lisa to work there because of her hallucinations. She was tricked. And when Dr. Shein told the truth she didn’t know that Lisa’s phone was on a call so the cops got her arrested because of what she had done.

A few months later, Lisa was already fine. She found a job where she can take care of kids with other people. When she saw a little boy alone in the corner. She approached him, It was Harry. She said”H-Harry!” But he said” I’m not Harry. I’m Sam, can we stay up late?”

One thing, some of the parts may not be mentioned because I forgot some of it. And some parts of the storyline might have switched. Thank you for reading my Review. I would put this book on my must-read if I were you. Since last time someone commented that I should start reading Fear-Street, well all the books that I make a review about is already read(past tense) by me. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my review! Bye Guys! Till next post. L❤ve ya!!!💋❤


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