A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Hi Guyz! First of all, long time no see. Secondly, so happy to be back!!! I’ve been reading and reading books and had just started school. I’ve also been resting from writing book reviews. So today, I’m gonna be talking about……….. A Christmas Carol! Yes you’re right, you are reading or seeing correctly. Everybody knows the story of “A Christmas Carol.” It’s about an old man who is named, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is a mean old man with no friends or family to love him. He’s just so bitter and cold to Christmas and Everyone. Until one christmas eve night, Jacob Marley, the business partner of his, paid him a visit. Btw, Marley has been dead for seven years exactly on The Day of Christmas Eve. Marley came to Scrooge to warn him that Three Christmas Spirits are going to pay him a visit. Those Three Spirits are, Christmas Spirit of Past, Present, and Yet To Come, are here to show Scrooge his wrong doings. Will Scrooge finally learn his lesson?

Gahhhh!!!! I love this story so much! It’s just not about things that does’nt matter. I love the lesson and the thrills it gave me. Who blames me?! Stories by Charles Dickens are so good. I have loved A Christmas Carol since I was little, well, the one with Barbie. Can you blame me?! I was a Little Kid, sooo???πŸ˜‚ If I were you I’d definitely read this before I die. It’s not just about learning to love Christmas, but also to be kind to everyone around you and respect their beliefs. This story shall be forever celebrated and its Author, Charles Dickens. I got a copy of A Christmas Carol, and I got the one published by Puffin Classics, you should definitely get the one published by Puffin Classics. So, what are ya waiting for?! Grab a Copy now! Calling all my fellow Bibliophiles, go buy a copy now! Anyways, Bye Guyz! I’ll write another review soon enough. Thanks for the love and support! You all are well-appreciated. Bye! Love ya!!! XOXO Layla.πŸ˜˜β€πŸ’‹


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